Metallic Information Registry and Analysis

Planning and management software for metallic structures designed for metallic structures manufacturers.

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PRJ Print Drawings 1/14/2022
Now it is possible to print drawings directly from the software. Know more ...
PLN Activities dedicated to post 6/14/2021
Now it's possible to associate references from an activity to a specific MNF post Know more ...
SYS Popup data entry 4/20/2021
Now it's possible to insert some missing information via a pop-up, without having to change the layout.
PLN Label printing 4/16/2021
Now it's possible to print labels directly from the browser, in PRJ and PLN.
TRK Separation of attachments from the work 4/8/2021
Now it's possible to access in TRK all the validated attachments associated with the different modules.
PLN Copying references between activities 3/29/2021
Now it's possible to copy references between activities.